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Driving school Holland is a driving school that helps you to pass for your drivers license in the whole country. If you are looking for a driving school in Holland that helps you to pass in one go for all your exams in English, we can help you. Our focus is on expats and international students. Are you ready to have your drivers license in your pocket? And do you want to pass for your Dutch drivers license in Holland? Then we are the right driving school.

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Driving school Holland: Driving school for expats in The Netherlands

Holland, The Netherlands, the country of flowers and clean roads. Welcome. We are the best driving school of Holland that helps expats and internationals to pass for their drivers license. We teach through the whole country and can not wait to welcome you. 

Driving lessons in Holland

Driving lessons in Holland are a must. You need a driving school to pass for your drivers license. There is no minimum or maximum of lessons that you need. After you have finished your driving lessons, you will have to apply for your exam. We will make all the reservations of your exams and guide you in this. Are you staying in The Netherlands for  just a couple of years? Do not worry! The drivers license of Holland is internationally respected!

I want to start my driving lessons in Holland

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English driving school in Holland

As you know, there are more driving schools in Holland. Our focus is on driving lessons in English. This makes us the largest expat driving school of The Netherlands. Our driving lessons in Holland are all focused on efficiency. We help the students to get through the process with all the quality, efficiency and honesty that our students expect. Tell us the city you live in and start your journey to your drivers license in Holland.

Dutch drivers license in The Netherlands/ Holland

To apply for your Dutch drivers license, you need to pass for three exams. One of these exams is optional, two are obligated. First, you need to pass for your car theory exam. All the exams take place at the CBR examination centre. In almost every city of Holland there is a CBR located. Do not worry. We will register you to every exam that you need to pass for your drivers license in The Netherlands.

Driving school Holland? DriveYourWay is the place to be!

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Driving school in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a couple of good driving schools. We found out that the expats are most of the times searching to find the right partner to pass for their drivers license. This is the reason we have chosen to help all expats and internationals. Our instructors are all orientated on teaching in English and this helps students to pass for their drivers license in Holland. 

International drivers license in Holland

Start the journey to your international drivers license in Holland with the best driving school of The Netherlands!

  1. Start the car theory course in English and study all the theory you need to know for your drivers license in Holland.
  2. First you need to pass for your car theory exam to get your Dutch drivers license. We will apply you to all your exams and help you to pass for all the Exams in English.
  3. After you have passed your car theory course and exams, you are also allowed to go on your practical exam.
  4. It is time to make yourself ready for your practical exam. Obviously we will help you through the whole process.

Dutch car theory course

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Driving school in Holland: I want to start the journey!

Are you convinced that your drivers license is a good investment and do you want to start with the best driving school of Holland? Then we are ready to welcome you. Tell us the city you live, and we will plan the complete journey! After you have passed for your Dutch drivers license, we will also help you to register for your license so you can pick it up from the nearest pick up location!

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Manual driving school

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Theory lessons

We guide you through the process in the way that suits you. This means that we will do everything that we need to to so that you feel comfortable. Apart from teaching you how to drive, we also learn how to teach on a daily basis. This means that if you want to tell us points that we have to improve on, we would love to hear from you!

So you are sure you want to start your driving lessons in Holland? Then we are sure that we are the place to be so that all your lessons will be efficient, in your way.

To know how many lessons you need, we first need to know your current experience. How experienced are you? And how fast do you learn? We will make a personal plan for you so that you will pass in the most efficient way.

One driving lesson in our driving school in Holland takes 50 minutes.

Students of our driving school in Holland

Good driving lessons. It's just a pity that they don't give driving lessons during corona. Hopefully I get my driver's license in 1x after corona!
Olivier de Beer
From Maastricht, Holland
Best driving school in Amsterdam! Thanks for the lessons Sonja!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Good Driving school. always on time at the lesson and good instructions
Frank Jones
From Japan
Thanks for the good lessons my friends!! Hope to see you in a bar in Amsterdam. Cheers!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

Trial lesson in Driving school Holland

Driving school Holland: A Drive Your Way driven driving school.

To tell the philosophy of our driving school in The Netherlands, we have made a short list below.

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Driving schools in Holland

How to choose the right driving school in Holland

The best way to choose a driving school is to listen to your own feeling. Do you feel well in the driving school? Do you think that they are able to help you through the whole process? And do you have the right click with the driving school? Then this driving school must be able to help you to pass for your Dutch drivers license in The Netherlands.

Since we understand the needs of the students, we choose to make clear agreements in our driving school in Holland, as in other cities, and to comply with them at all times. We have a team that is constantly working on improving quality. We control our instructors and do not step aside for what needs to be done. We have summarized our way of thinking. Does this fit your needs?

How long will it take to pass for my drivers license

This is a question we hear very often. It depends on your schedule. How busy are you on a daily basis? We always put your schedule next to your expectations and make the right schedule for you to pass for your drivers license in Holland.

Expats and internationals only?

Obviously we are teaching all types of students and if you are Dutch, you are also welcome. Our driving school in Holland does not exclude any type of student. Do you have another request? Feel free to ask us!

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